All About Insurance

The temptation to not have auto insurance is quite high for many people who think that they don’t necessarily need it or if they can actually afford it ( After all, it seems like a large monthly expense to insure your car. For those who simply do not have a car, of course, you don’t need insurance, but for anyone else out there who owns a car, insurance is a requirement to operate the vehicle. But why? Many people don’t exactly understand why it should be a requirement to have auto insurance, so let’s take a look at why exactly you do.

First of all, remember that, by law, it is required. If you own a car, in order to actually operate that vehicle, you must have auto insurance. Some states will change that by requiring that you pay a fee when you register stating that you have no liability insurance. So, not only will you still be liable for any damages you incur, but you’re also paying another few hundred dollars because you don’t have auto insurance ( But why is that in the law? One reason is that when you are in an accident, the last thing you want to have to do is pay for the mistakes of the other driver. Having auto insurance will make sure that, when the other driver is at fault, they will have to pay for your damaged vehicle and not you.

What is normally the minimum kind of insurance coverage necessary? Often times, you will be told that you need to have damage liability and also bodily injury insurance coverage before you will be allowed to operate your vehicle. This way, the accident can cause harm to both the vehicle and an individual, and you will still be covered.

Another reason for having auto insurance is so that when you are involved in an accident, or your car is stolen, you can make a claim to the insurance company and they will pay you ( It may not seem like a big deal, but once you are in an accident and see yourself mounting thousands of dollars in car repairs, paying for insurance seems like a small trade-off for having someone to help you with those thousands of dollars in damage.

Finally, and possibly the most important part about auto insurance that many people simply overlook is the power they have over your medical bills. Health insurance can be even more difficult to get good coverage for than auto insurance, so having a good insurance policy could be the difference between a hefty medical bill and a much smaller one. If you have the personal injury protection in your policy, you can expect that your auto insurance policy will help you with the medical bills, sometimes paying for all of it. If you have the right policy, then your insurance will not only cover you but also the other people in your car.

All About Insurance